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100 icons.

Hasn't it been a while?

20 Battle Moon Wars
10 Fate/hollow ataraxia
20 Fate/stay night
35 Fate/tiger colosseum Upper
5 Fire Emblem 10
10 Riviera: the Promised Land

I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear.Collapse )

100 icons.

I wish I had cleaner Melty Blood sprites.

32 Fate/stay night
35 Fate/unlimited codes
3 Fate/zero
10 Haunted Junction
20 Melty Blood

Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray.Collapse )

100 icons.

Type-Moon is well-covered within~ More so than usual, anyway.

30 Battle Moon Wars
15 Fate/hollow ataraxia
55 Melty Blood

Your increasingly long embraces, are they saying sorry or please?Collapse )

100 icons.

Post is 100% Rin. Well, there are a few Archer/Rin ones, but not many.

10 Fate/hollow ataraxia
90 Fate/stay night

I was born with the wrong sign, in the wrong house, with the wrong ascendancy~Collapse )

100 icons.

Some sprites are easy to make icons from. Some... aren't.

65 Battle Moon Wars
5 Fate/hollow ataraxia
10 Fate/stay night
5 Fire Emblem 8
5 Fire Emblem 9
10 Tsukihime

I don't dare to touch your hand.Collapse )

100 icons.

The Jenos and Battle Moon Wars icons I can understand, but what's with the Shirou ones?

40 Battle Moon Wars
45 Black Cat
5 Fate/hollow ataraxia
5 Fate/stay night
5 Misc.

There's internal rhyme, although not every instance.Collapse )

100 icons.

Tur-Mohel - great ELE applicant, or greatest ELE applicant?

5 Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
35 Fate/unlimited codes
5 Fire Emblem 9
20 Melty Blood
15 Pokemon
5 Riviera: the Promised Land
15 Tsukihime

We are the nightmares in your head, you might be better off undead~Collapse )

100 icons.

Is it obvious that I like Kotomine Shirou more than I like regular Shirou?

40 Fate/hollow ataraxia
30 Fate/stay night
10 Fate/zero
10 Riviera: the Promised Land
5 Super Smash Bros. Brawl
5 Star Control 2

Point of no return, one second to go~Collapse )

100 icons.

No, I don't know why I made that many Ferdinand icons, either.

40 Absolute Obedience
5 Air
10 Fate/stay night
25 Fate/tiger colosseum Upper
5 Fate/unlimited codes
5 Fate/zero
5 Fire Emblem 7
5 Fire Emblem 10

It's not meant to be like this, not what I planned at all.Collapse )

100 icons.

Plenty of Rider, for those who like 'er~

30 Fate/hollow ataraxia
15 Fate/stay night
40 Fire Emblem 10
10 Riviera: the Promised Land
5 Yggdra Union

It's good to be in love, it really does suit you~Collapse )


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